Hurry Up!


I really look insanely ridiculous when I’m running around the house like a chicken with it’s head cut off. Can’t find my keys, misplaced my purse and took my sneakers off and don’t recall where. I’m always frantic at one point or another during the day. Even cooking. Multi-tasking makes me frantic every now and then.

Right now I’m between frantic and anxious. I get paid tomorrow and we are going to get our phones upgraded. I’m rushing the hours just as I did since the first of this month when I found out the upgrades were long over due. I’m anxiously excited because of the phones we are choosing. I’m impatient about putting that new phone in my pocket, putting my contacts in it, downloading my apps and making my first phone call.

Although frantic may not express the burning sensation my bank account is feeling, the itch in the palm of my hand and the pacing I do when no one is looking!

I’m dying here! Friday hurry up PLEEEEEZE!!

Forgive my over dramatization.. I can be an over zealous drama queen at times. But you would be too if you were me sitting here checking my bank account balance and watching the time like I’m tied to a bomb and waiting for someone to save me, or for it to detonate. (oops, I watch too much drama television?).



Boho Berry Challenge - March 2018

Things I’m Grateful For


I have a lot to be grateful for. I’m blessed in so many ways and I can only hope that those people I’m grateful for having in my life know just how much they mean to me.

To start I am ever grateful for God’s love, His Grace and the lesson’s I’m taught through Him. Without having God in my life, I would be lost, lonely and desperate.

I’m grateful for the husband I have. He is loving, caring, generous, patient and understanding. He sacrifices a lot for me and I appreciate all he is and all he does.

I’m grateful for the  parents I was blessed with. They loved me unconditionally and sacrificed so much over the years. I can only pray that as they sit in Heaven they know I love them and I hope I’ve done them  proud the last few years.

I’m grateful for the Sweet Pea that walked into my life quite boldly and She knows who she is. Without her I’d have lost who I was a long time ago. She keeps it real when we chat. Our friendship is a treasure and she is a very special person. A sister I never had, always wanted and now have. Even if we don’t talk half as much as we should.

I’m grateful for the furry love-bug my husband shares with me. He listens and doesn’t judge, he cuddles when I’m sick, sad or just need a bit of purr to de-stress. He’s one special cat. And he knows it!

I’m grateful for the food God provides us with, the roof over our heads and the clothes we have on our backs. For the incomes we have to pay our bills, and still have a few dollars to spoil ourselves with.

I’m grateful for every day I wake  up, take a breath and smile when I get my good morning kiss.


Morning Bliss


Early in the morning when our fur-baby wakes me up, have grabbed my coffee I sit on the bed with my laptop. I have a quiet quartet playing. The soft click of my keyboard, the baby purring in contentment, with the sound of the coffee brewing my second cup of coffee, the television on with the volume down real low.

This quartet of sounds is the relaxing sounds that start my day. Without them I feel something is missing and the day doesn’t feel right. And I don’t think I would want it any other way. It’s a relaxing bliss! It’s my morning quartet.



Boho Berry Challenge - March 2018

Big List



My big list of things is one that has sat around collecting dust since October of last year. Our plans are to work on knocking the list down starting after Easter.


Prime and paint the entire apartment

Go through storage unit and organize, donating or throwing out things we don’t need or want.

Clothes, jackets and shoes & boot donations

New curtains & blinds to match the paint in each room

Reseal counters, tub and caulking on windows

Get screens replaced and two bay windows fixed


Amd that about covers the big stuff.

Boho Berry Challenge - March 2018

Things I Love About Me



I’m not vain in any way. I’ve always had a hard time loving myself in anyway. Since being with my husband I’m starting to find little things that I love about myself.

My ability to forgive. I’ve found I am able to forgive myself as well as others.

I love that I’m patient with other people.

I have a huge heart and always willing to help others.

That I can get frustrated with my husband but never angry.


Management: Fine Details


What in the world am I doing? I sat here staring at the television after finding out what the daily prompt for today was. My mind started whirring and next thing I know I have a migraine and I have no idea what so ever what was on the tube. But I did figure out that I’m a micro manager with every aspect of my life. Everything from cleaning to my art. From the television shows I watch to my Facebook posts. I am reluctant to admit I think I’m more like my mother everyday. I’m anal about everything and even the tiniest details of things have to be gone over with a fine tooth comb. Or in my case a microscope. Ack!

It’s not so much the small things and details that I’m concerned about. I figure this way I’m actually thorough with everything and I don’t miss things I normally would. Micro management for me is thoughtless, mindless and automatic. And the weird thing is, I don’t get stressed out by it. It’s like being on auto pilot and I don’t realize I’m being nit picky and in control until someone says something.




Missing Out – A Technological Oopsie!


In recent years everyone has dived into their tablets, phones, laptops, computers and electronic notebooks. So much so that they don’t watch where they are going, they cannot have a face to face conversation, no family time, no exercising without that phone near by to listen to music or have a conversation while walking that dreaded treadmill. I admit I have days where I jump from my phone to the laptop without missing a beat. But at the same time when my husband is home I stay off the phone except to answer a phone call and I limit my laptop time. I’m not glued to the phone in the car or when we are at a restaurant. I find people are so addicted they are inefficient in social interaction. I’ve seen five year olds with “mobile phones”. They spend more time with it then they do playing in the yard or at the park. Teenagers in classrooms hide the phones under the desk or table and text instead of learning. What has happened to our society?

Are we that self-absorbed that everything else that needs to be done is put off until the battery in the phone dies?

To me living in this world today with the technology, life just goes on without us even realizing it.

Put that phone down, shut down the laptop, set the tablet in the nightstand drawer and take one hour a day to just live. Take a walk and feel the world around you or spend an hour out in the yard with the children. Heck spend dinner time at the table with the internet shut off. It’s really not that hard. Honest and it’s virtually painless.

If I had my way computers and cell phones would never have been invented. I’d rather be outside enjoying nature, the sounds and the weather than sitting here with my eyes glued to the screen and missing life.

Yes you can accomplish a lot with the phone or computer. Pay bills, go shopping and chat with people you couldn’t call on a regular phone every day. But IMO the technology is inefficient when it comes to all the other aspects of life.

Play Candy Crush, order Chinese or a pizza delivery and keep telling yourself “One more level and I’m done for the night.” That’s pretty much it too isn’t it? Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think it’s everyone that does it but there’s enough people in this world who are really missing out on special moments in real life.