Boho Berry Challenge - May 2018

Boho Berry Challenge – May


May brings a new Boho Berry Challenge. Introspection. Which I’m going to do because I think it might be interesting to delve deeper into myself. Please feel to join me. You can find more information at Boho Berry.

Boho Berry Challenge - May 2018

What Lights Me Up


What lights me up is when my baby Tux wakes me up climbing up on my hip and starts kneading me for his breakfast.

What lights me up is when like a toddler Tux follows me into the bathroom because he’s afraid I’ll disappear and not come back. How do I know this? I tried once to keep him out and all he did was yowl. Separation Anxiety?

What lights me up  is when my husband is being silly trying to get me out of a bad mood. He’s got a way of being goofy and making me laugh regardless of how bad a situation is for me.

What lights me up is having such an amazing and loving husband. He completes me.

What lights me up is when he randomly out of the blue kisses my forehead.

What lights me up is having him put his chin on my shoulder while I’m doing dishes and he simply asks (like he really doesn’t know) “What yah doin’?”

What lights me up is all the fond memories, the one’s that count and mean more than anything else of my parents, me growing up and how close I became with my mom in the last three or four years of her life.

What lights me up is Sunday Service and Fellowship afterwards. And being an active member. A Deacon, A Trustee and the Collector. I feel I belong and can do some good.


Boho Berry Challenge - May 2018

Taking Care of Me


Taking care of myself is something I tend to forget about. I’m always taking care of everyone else and forget about my needs.

So I really need to take time out for myself. Taking care of myself even with small simple things.

  1. Meditation
  2. Yoga
  3. Walking
  4. At-Home Spa Day
  5. At-Home Manicure & Pedicure
  6. Time to distress and be creative with art, crochet, knitting.

I’m sure there are many other things I can do but this list will be a good beginning.

Boho Berry Challenge - May 2018

What I Love About My Life


This questions seems easy at first but then once you realize that prioritizing it is daunting. So this is in no  particular order and has been thought about… There really was  no need for overthinking it in any way.

I love the fact that I have The Lord in my life, living his word and sharing this blessed life with a man who completes me in every way, shape and form. Having two wonderful fur-babies that know they no longer need to worry or wonder what will happen to them. They have a forever home that will love and care for them as though they are our babies. The other thing I love about my life is that I’m able to forgive.

Just simple things in my life that I love, couldn’t live happily and contentedly without. I am who I am and I love me too!

Boho Berry Challenge - May 2018

May 5 – Advice For Younger Me


Dear  Younger Self,

I write this to give you a bit of sound advice from the experiences you would have providing you follow the choices you make. By all means I don’t want you becoming someone we weren’t meant to be. However I want to save you some extremely devastating choices.

First of all..

Do not dismiss Mom & Dad’s advice and the serious talks they have with you. They actually do know more than you feel they do. Trust me when I say that THEY ARE ALWAYS RIGHT! They are only guiding you to be the best that they know you can become. Oh and there will be a day in high school where a couple of girls will want to skip school and run away. DO NOT DO IT. They have no interest in becoming your best friends.

Second forget the “high school romances”. Stay away from that boy in science class he will cause heart ache, devastation and make your life very difficult. Stay away from the football player who invites you to one of his games. He’s a major player and there’s not going to be a high school sweetheart with him.

Last but not least, your soul mate is waiting for you. Hold out for him and he will find you. His first name is Richard and please be the best you can be. He’ll bring it out in you and you in him.

That’s it. Heed my advice. Be strong and be a little wiser than this older version of you!


Sincerely You!


A High & A Low


Everyone has moments of feeling the tides of their lives.

Low tide is those emotions that leave us bare, raw and vulnerable to everything and everyone. We are sensitive, our tears flow easily and a lot of us shut down and avoid doing anything or everyone around us. Curling up in bed with a half gallon of ice cream, shutting off our phones and putting a good emotional drama movie on the television.

High tide is those emotions that leave us happy, bold, and we crave adventure.  We enjoy our family and friends. Our emotions are those of an ideal great day where nothing bothers us, no one intimidates us and we do what we want, when we want. No holds bared.