Some of This & Some of That


It’s either captivating or it isn’t.

I’m unfortunately one of those people who get into something so captivating that nothing else exists. Only for a short amount of time. Then I find something else. My attention span is in a way short lived. For me if I can stay interested whole heartedly for more than three months I consider it great. Most however last between a week and a month.

For instance… I’ve been artistic with pen, pencil and crayon since I was little. I loved drawing, sketching, doodling and making a big mess. I was captivated by my end results even if I was super critical of myself. However I can only spend a month or two at most at any given time doing it consistently. I’m not sure I can call it getting bored but I think I get distracted by something else and wander off on another subject or medium that’s captivating me in a way that nothing else artistic or creative is consciously in existence. Lettering captured my attention for a year at one time in my teens. I would sketch out words in different letter styles and decorate them, color them and make my own stencils. Then WHAM! I was noticing computers. Captivating me enough to code my own games. That lasted a month until I found something else, then something else.

Everything is captivating to me. It’s just what kind of mood I’m in. The one thing that sits true with me is photography (Not professionally, not even novice or beginner) and I just snap pics of what ever I personally find interesting, beautiful or even strange. I use my tablet, phone, digital camera although cheap and my laptop.

I’m sure there will be much more that I bounce back and forth to as I am captivated by a different venture or adventure. My journey is never ending.




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