To Be… Or Not To Be


Being invisible IMO can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on the situation. There are times when I wish I was when I wasn’t. Uncomfortable with the people or the conversation. Other times I’ve been completely transparent when I wanted to be acknowledged, included or made to feel wanted and needed. Lately I’m never invisible. My husband, since being married has made sure everyone sees me, acknowledges me and knows I’m his wife. This is, now and then very embarrassing. Most of the time I’m proud, and thrilled people get wide eyed and either congratulate us or ask me how I enjoy the married life.

Being invisible can cost me a lot too. In the past it seems as though my job applications were not even seen, let alone considered. It was hard getting the few jobs I’ve had. Now being disabled and not having to fight for a job I’m not so concerned about being seen, being considered and being someone that is needed or wanted. Right now since almost a year ago as of April 10th, nothing matters to me as much regarding being invisible. The one person that matters is my husband. The only time I feel invisible around him is when he’s sleeping or engrossed in wrestling.

I’ve come to the realization with writing this post that it doesn’t matter if I’m invisible. It just goes to prove that those people shouldn’t matter, not worth my time and effort. I can make them invisible. When they ask why I’m anti-social, avoiding them… I can tell them they treated me like I was non-existent so I turned the tables. Next time treat me how you want to be treated. I’m not invisible, I am a living, breathing human being, with feelings, thoughts and emotions. Respect is earned, not given by demand.

Are we all invisible at times in our lives and did we choose to be at those times? Or was it the doing of those people we realize are not worth our time and effort?




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