Management: Fine Details


What in the world am I doing? I sat here staring at the television after finding out what the daily prompt for today was. My mind started whirring and next thing I know I have a migraine and I have no idea what so ever what was on the tube. But I did figure out that I’m a micro manager with every aspect of my life. Everything from cleaning to my art. From the television shows I watch to my Facebook posts. I am reluctant to admit I think I’m more like my mother everyday. I’m anal about everything and even the tiniest details of things have to be gone over with a fine tooth comb. Or in my case a microscope. Ack!

It’s not so much the small things and details that I’m concerned about. I figure this way I’m actually thorough with everything and I don’t miss things I normally would. Micro management for me is thoughtless, mindless and automatic. And the weird thing is, I don’t get stressed out by it. It’s like being on auto pilot and I don’t realize I’m being nit picky and in control until someone says something.




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